Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Welcome Back Niqisya!

Hellooooo guysss! Wow it's been years since I left this blog.. Hahaha :D Btw, I've finished my high school year and I will start my university life soon. So... wish me luck! 

Oh right! I want to tell you something. I'm a MooMoo now! Well, I'm still a SONE so don't worry hahaha. MAMAMOO is really talented and attractive. It's hard for me to like or be a fan of girl group. But they (MAMAMOO) really caught my attention! Congrats girls! MoonByul is my girl crush hehe >//< Go girl crush! Hahaha xD

So... That's all for today. I will update or post again whenever I'm free or bored hahaha.

Hello ladies~ MAMAMOO


Introducing... my girl crush <3